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Executive Comittee
World Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Seishinkai International

Introduction by the Head of the
International Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Seishinkai
  Soke Mr.Sadatomo Harada is the first Head Family of the
International Shito Ryu Karate Do Seishinkai
Personal History of the Soke Mr Sadatomo Harada 

10th Dan Black Belt of International Shito Ryu Karate Do Seishinkai :

10th Dan Black Belt Goju Ryu Karate Do Koshi- kai.

8th Dan Black Belt Nihon Karate Do Rengo- Kai.
 Present Karate
(Martial Art Activity)

Head of family and President of International Shito Ryu Karate Do Seishinkai

Soke Honorary President of World Shito Ryu Karate Do Seishinkai International ( World SKSI) (Founder)

President of All Japan Ju-Jitsu Federation ( AJJF )

Head Coach of International Martial Art Academy
( Headquaters of Israel )

International Body Guard Security Service Society

General director of the East Asian Bureau International body guard security service society
( IBSSA : Head quarters of Hungary )

Standing director of Japan Karate Do Federation
( JKF ) and Osaka Prefecture Karate Do Federation and also counselor standing of Osaka City’s Karate do Federation
Year 1936 :  Soke Sadatomo Harada was Born in Osaka City
Year 1950 :   He began his training Karate Do Goju-Ryu style
Year 1954 : 

Soke Sadatomo Harada
 He entered Kansai University and was a member of the Karate Do Club He received direct Coaching from Shihan Ken Sakio ( Honoray President of Shito Kai )
9th Dan Black Belt of the Japan Karate Do Federation,and second generation Shihan of Karate Do in Kansai University.

Kansai University was the first University to provide the teachings of Shito Ryu Karate directly from his founder Mabuni Kenwa,who was the first generation shihan of the University.
Year 1956 :

Soke performing kumite
 Received training under shihan Kazuo Kokubu (currently vice president of Shitokai),who was a third generation shihan at Kansai University

The Head Family of The Shito-Ryu Mr Mabuni Kenwa –Shihan Ken Sakio Coach-Shihan Kokubu Kazuo Coach-Shito-Ryu

International Shito-Ryu Karate Do Seishinkai’s Head Family Soke Mr Sadatomo Harada
Year 1957 :

Soke Sadatomo Harada
performing kata
He founded the Kansai University All Japan Students Karate Do Federation.He assumed the presidency of the first generation of students.

BN: The Students Karate Do Federation was the first institution unifying the Karate do in Japan.
Year 1959 :

Soke Sadatomo Harada
 As soon as Mr Sadatomo Harada Graduated From The Kansai University, he took office as standing director of All Japan Student Karate Do Federation and All Kansai Student Karate Do Federation as well as Stinging Advisor.
Year 1964 :  Collaborated to start the ‘ Japan Karate Do Federation’ ( JKF ) Founded by R. Sasagawa. Mr Sadatomo Harada participated as director of the Student Federation.
Year 1974 : Took office as the President of Kansai University Karate Do Federation OB Assemble.
Took office as vice director and special Chairman of Committee in Kansai University Sport OB Assembly.

He received the 7th dan Bleak Belt in Kansai University Karate Do.

SEISHINKAI SOKE Master Motobu Choki & SHITO-RYU Founder Mabumi Kenwa
Year 2000 :

Soke Sadatomo Harada
Hayashi sensei
 Mr. Sadatomo Harada Established the newly International Shito-Ryu Karate Do Seishinkai.(KOKUSAI SHITO-RYU KARATE DO SEISHINKAI) in 1999 Year and took office as the Soke President.
Year 2001 :

Soke Sadatomo Harada
 Mr Sadatomo Harada Invited top instructors of various kind of domestic Karate Do in Japan and Soke Performed introduction Party of the Head Family’s Succession.
Year 2007 :

Soke Sadatomo Harada
 Mr. Sadatomo Harada was appointed as the President of the Osaka City Karate Do Federation on April 1,2007 and Worked for 4 Year until March 30, 2011.


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